Casting Manufactory

R&B Co. casting manufactory Dep was started its production with manufacturing of automotive iron cast parts for Daimler Chrysler and other auto industries to be used for trucks, bus and mini bus. The capacity of the company is 18000 ton per year automotive and other castings parts. The principal activity of this company is a diverse range of auto casting in large group components included gray cast iron (cylinders head, cylinders, gearboxes, exhausts, flywheels, water pumps, oil pumps, and drums), and ductil cast irons (crankshafts, wheel hubs, swivel housings and axles). R&B Co. casting manufactories area is over 150,000 m2.


1 .Green-Sand

  • An automatic high – pressure moulding line with 90 moulds/houres capacity E
  • A vacuum press moulding machine.
  • An automatic sand preparation system with high – speed mixer.
  • Dimensions: 950*800*300/300 mm
  • Max casting weight approx.: 170 kg.


2. Furan Molding Line

For moulding cylinder blocks or other large size castings, ther5e is an automatic furan line equipped with continuous mixers, roll- over stripping machine and also closing machine. Automatic crane is used for pouring.

  • 1700*1100*450/350 Mm
  • 1300*1000*400/300 Mm

Production capacity is 15 moulds/hours there is a sand r5eclamation plant for this moulding line. Max casting weight in this line in approx. 486 kg.


3. Core Molding line (gostol Co. - Yugoslavia)

Cylinder heads are produced in core moulds and there is a conveyor system for pouring in the core moulding line. The capacity is 30 moulds/hour.

  • 810*570*140/140 Mm
  • 685*635*140/140 Mm


4. Melting Furnaces (Junker Co. – Germany)

Melting Capacity is 30,000 ton per year. An automatic charging equipment’s and scrap drying furnace are used for melting:

  • 3 units induction furnaces, each 12 ton capacity for meltings.
  • 1 unit medium frequency 2 ton furnace for melting.
  • 2 units holder furnaces, each 3 ton capacity.

There is an overhead monorail system melting transportation.