Trading Department

R&B Co. manufacturing department, equipped with 2 industrial workshops, light workshop and heavy workshop and able to produce a wide range of mechanical parts by different sections such as turning, milling and rolling, in different size and dimensions. This factory located in an area of 3500 m2. With More than 25 industrial machine’s technicians and professional engineers. Capabilities and operations taken by manufacturing section:
•Production of different types of industrial rings up to 4000 mm in diameter
•Production of gearboxes in railway industries and …. Of gas and rail turbines
•Rolling of different types of steel beams and….
•making Trim Furnaces for Factories
•making gears from 12mm diameter to 4000 mm


Helical Gear (Spiral)

1.Helical Gear (Spiral)

Herringbone Gear

2.Herringbone Gear


3.Simple Moving Gear Around the Furnace

Simple Pinion Gear

4. Simple Pinion Gear

Unfinished Mendel Ball

5. Unfinished Mendel Ball

Finished Mendel Ball

6. Finished Mendel Ball

Unfinished Mendel Ball

7. Gear

R & B Factory



1- Heavy Workshop


1541 Lathe boring Single Column

Single-turning and boring machines in 1541 model are versatile machines are designed to handle a variety of products from ferrous and nonferrous metals in a small batch and mass production. The machine can produce cylindrical and tapered grinding and boring, protachivanie planes, drilling, reaming and deployment of holes, as well as the Medium to finish turning of the flat end surfaces.


Lathe Boring Single Column 1L532

Parameter name 1L532
faceplate diameter, mm 2800
Swing, mm 3150
Max work-piece height, mm 1600
Max table loading, tonne 16
Max ram travel, mm 1200
Parameter name 1L532
Max horizontal travel of carriage, mm 1720
Carriage inclination angle, dge 30
Carriage feeds number 16
Carriages feeds range, mm/rev 0.09-16
Feeds of traversal beam, mm/min 360
Max distance between ram's axis, mm 360
Distance between table and ram, mm 0-1780
Distance between table and lower surface of traversal beam, mm 400-1640
Revolution speeds number 18
Table speeds, rpm 1.25-63
Main engine power, kw 55
Dimensions, mm 5485x6120x4910
Total weight, kg 41420


2- Light Workshop


Milling (CNC)

  • Machine name: Jiantech
  • Controller: Fanuc
  • Dimension (mm): 600*600*140

Turning (CNC)

  • Machine Name: VDF
  • Controller: Philips
  • Dimension (mm):
    • 450 Diameter
    • 1000 the length